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  • The Consoultant – Up on the Housetop

    Today’s track is an electro-soul cover of a Christmas classic. The Consoultant’s remake of this classic Christmas tune reveals her joyous holiday spirit through a stunning combination of electro-soul sound and her undeniable gift of creating hooks that resonate for all the right reasons. “Up on the Housetop” sparkles and shines amongst the best of holiday music.

  • Joe Billy – Piece of Mind

    Today’s track is Piece of Mind by Joe Billy. I really relate the the lyrics in this one, it’s very similar to the internal monologue I have with myself most days.

    Joe Billy is the angsty introspective soundtrack to your everyday existentialism. His acoustic punk style sound is taken to the next level with intelligent lyricism, energetic and upbeat music, and passionate authenticity. With intent to provoke thought, open your mind, and feel like you belong somewhere in this crazy world, his whimsical, self aware cynicism and his uplifting compassion bring you in and unify us all. Established in 2016, Joe Billy has since released 3 full length albums, a live EP, and several singles. Currently, he is releasing new singles every 3 weeks that will eventually culminate into his 4th full length album, “Fissure.” Come join the fun, and welcome.

  • Daytes – Netflix

    Today’s track is the brilliant Netflix by Daytes, such a summery song that will make you think it’s the middle of July when you listen to it. Check him out on Instagram.

  • D’Vo – Dark Matters

    Today’s share is from D’Vo, a Virtual Neo Soul and Hip-Hop Artist from the US.

    “Dark Matters is a song told in the first-person perspective about someone dealing with mental health and self-harm. It’s written for someone I know so it is personal to me as I’m sure we all know someone struggling to be free in their mind.”

    There is such an important message contained within the song, it’s a topic that we don’t talk about enough. As someone who has struggled with mental health recently this really hit home to me. I love the guitar which was played by Master Pe, a Sao Paulo, Brazilian artist. You can check D’Vo out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Best of 2022 – Recap and links

    Throughout the last week of November I played some of the best tracks of 2022. For the last show of the year I’ll be playing the top two tracks of each month as chosen by you, dear listener. Here’s a reminder of the tracks along with handy embeds of the shows so you can listen back and links to the strawpolls so you can register your choices. At the time of writing there have been over 600 votes cast, which is incredible. Voting closes on December 10th and you can vote as many times as you like.

    Best of February

    Vote now for your two favourites here.

    Best of March

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of April

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of May

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of June

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of August

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of September

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of October

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of November – Part One

    Vote for your two favourites here.

    Best of November – Part Two

    Vote for your two favourites here.

  • Dres Mira – Sophia

    Sophia is the last track on Dres’s EP All in the Nightstand. A beauty of a track from this very talented young man, raw, well produced and the lyrics really hit me in the feels. Go and check out the rest of the EP on Soundcloud.

  • Welcome to BlueDeck

    I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a blog for BlueDeck for a few weeks now. I get sent so much music that sometimes it doesn’t quite fit in to a show, but I’d still like to share it with people. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting links to new music I’m sent which I enjoy and feel deserves a share on here and my social platforms. Please share, comment and like the posts so that the artists I’m sharing get the most exposure.

  • Oldest Sea – The Whales

    Formed in 2017 by songwriter Sam Marandola, Oldest Sea began as one woman’s personal exploration of the darker side of experimental folk music and has now expanded to a full band. The track I’m sharing today is from their debut EP Strange and Eternal. The Whales is a truly haunting track, starting off very quiet and transitioning in to doom just before the 7 minute mark.
    You can check out the rest of the EP on Bandcamp or Spotify and also find them on Instagram.

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